I was asked to make the poster for de Melkweg’s event ‘RADAR x De Nachtmis’. It was an honour to make an illustration for such an awesome music venue. In the illustration a group of characters is shown who are performing some sort of creepy ritual. On the right of the poster ‘De rooie jager’ is shown. The skulls in the drawing are inspired by the cover of ‘Do Something’ by Jagd. The bath slippers and the pair of pliers are a reference to the cover of ‘Schiphol’ by Ploegendienst. And the big bowling ball on the hand is a link to the music video of ‘Slayer’ by FFOOSS. The idea for the animal on the ground who’s skin is ripped open by the hand coming out of it is inspired by the title of the song ‘Take off your skin’ by FFOOSS.